About CleverMedia

CleverMedia has been developing and publishing Web-based games since 1995. It all started when Macromedia introduced Shockwave. This allows people to play games right in their Web browser. CleverMedia started making small games that traveled over modem lines and fit into people's Web browsers.

Since then, CleverMedia has developed more than 300 Shockwave and Flash games. Sadly, most of those can no longer be placed online since those browser plugins are now gone. But some games use HTML5 like the ones at Just Solitaire, Just Jigsaw Puzzles and Just Mah Jongg Solitaire. Many of CleverMedia's games are now mobile apps.

CleverMedia also produces MacMost, a website, podcast and YouTube channel to help people get the most from their Macs.

CleverMedia is owned and operated by Gary Rosenzweig.

CleverMedia is located in Denver, Colorado. The best way to reach CleverMedia is through email.

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