About CleverMedia

CleverMedia has been developing and publishing Web-based games since 1995. It all started when Macromedia introduced Shockwave. This allows people to play games right in their Web browser. CleverMedia started making small games that traveled over modem lines and fit into people's Web browsers.

Since then, CleverMedia has developed more than 300 Shockwave and Flash games. Thanks to more powerful computers, more advanced software and faster ways to access the Internet, the games have gotten better as well. You can now play CleverMedia's games at several sites within the CleverMedia network as well as sites owned by companies all over the world. The main CleverMedia Network sites are: GameScene, Just Solitaire, Just Jigsaw Puzzles, Just Mah Jongg Solitaire, Just Word Search.

The thing that makes the sites at the CleverMedia network different from other Web game sites you may come across is that all of the games were created by CleverMedia. Most other game sites contain "free" or stolen game content. Some of the larger game sites simply license their game content from companies like CleverMedia.

CleverMedia also produces the MacMost video podcast and Web site.

CleverMedia is located in Denver, Colorado. The best way to reach CleverMedia is through email.

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