IMPORTANT!: This form is for CONTACTING GARY ROSENZWEIG DIRECTLY ONLY. Please read through this list of reasons why you might want to email me and read the corresponding information. Then, the email form is at the bottom of this page.

Reason #1: You are a friend:
Well, what are you reading this for? Just go ahead and email me!

Reason #2: You want to make a simple comment. No questions:
Great! Be glad to hear from you.

Reason #3: You want to offer me a business opportunity:
For business inquiries concerning CleverMedia, please go here.

Reason #4: You have some feedback about the games at the CleverMedia Network of sites:
For feedback about CleverMedia, please go here.

Reason #5: You have a specific question about one of my books:
No problem. I wrote the books and I'll stand behind them. First, check the support page for the book. You can find the support pages here. If this doesn't help, go ahead and email. Please include the name of the book (I have written several and many people forget to mention the name of the book they have) and the page number that you are asking about.

Reason #6 You have a Director or Flash question:
I get a lot of questions every day and it is hard to find the time to answer them all. While I will answer any question pertaining directly to something I have written, many people email me with other questions concerning Director or Flash. The volume is getting quite heavy, with up to 10 emails of this nature per day. I love answering questions and have helped many people over the years. But answering questions takes time and effort. There just aren't enough hours in the day. I have a company to run, books to write and a family. I am not a free consulting service, nor am I paid by Macromedia to provide its users with support. I have created forums at Flash Game U for people to be able to ask Flash questions. Please use these forums instead of emailing me directly. I am not taking on any consulting or contract work at the moment. Thanks.

Reason #7: You have a question concerning the Colorado Game Developers group:
I'm happy to help.

Thank you so much for reading this. You can email me using this form:


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