Price: Free!

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Platforms: iPad Only

A super-clean full-featured Sudoku game.

Possibly the cleanest, simplest, most easy-to-use design for a Sudoku iPad app. Instead of distracting backgrounds and bells and whistles, we've tried to re-create the pencil-and-paper feel of doing Sudoku puzzles.

But we've also included tons of advanced features to make gameplay easier.

• Mark cells with notes.

• Automatically remove marks as you set other cells.

• Automatically set marks in cells, to save time.

• Swipe to see missing numbers in rows, columns and blocks.

• See number conflicts in rows, columns and blocks.

• Undo each action, all the way back to the start if you want.

• Set bookmarks so you can quickly undo all the way back to a specific point in the game.

• Check your work at any time to see if you have made any mistakes.

• Reveal the correct number in a cell if you are stuck.

• Each game you start can be continued later. You can have multiple games going that you can return to at any time.

• See a journal of every puzzle you have completed with the date and other information.

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