Peg Solitaire

Price: $1.99

In-App Purchases: None

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Play this classic on 9 different boards.

Peg Solitaire is the classic jumping pegs game also known as Solitaire, Hi-Q, Solo Noble and Brainvita. You jump one peg over the other to try to clear the board down to one peg.

This version includes nine boards, including the standard cross, the popular triangle, a hexagon, square, large cross, large triangle and others.

You can drag the pegs or touch a peg to select and a hole to move. The game shows you the possible moves after you select a peg.

You can move between all boards while your game state is saved. Work on one for a while, then switch to another and back. It even remembers each board's state when you leave the app and return. You can also undo moves. The game keeps track of your best score for each board.

Peg Solitaire Screens

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