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In-App Purchases: None

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

15 free iOS games in one app.

Play 15 free iPhone games from CleverMedia! This app includes 15 free iPhone games including Check Out Line, Brain Strain, Newton's Nightmare, Think Ahead, Deduction, Zig Zag, Haunted Castle and many more.

All games are free to play and will keep track of your best score. These games are all designed to be quick but challenging plays when you have a minute or two to spare. They also good at keeping your mind active.

If you have visited CleverMedia's in the last 10 years you will recognize a lot of these original titles. Instead of creating 15 different apps, we have put these all together in one app to make it easy and convenient.

Here is a complete list of games: Check Out Line, Newton's Nightmare, Falling Fours, Add It Up, Sliding Picture, Emoticon Matching, PB and J Wars, Brain Strain, Quiximity, Bomb Squad, Zig Zag, Think Ahead, Worm Food, Haunted Castle, Deduction

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