Scenic Solitaire

Price: Free!

In-App Purchases: Additional Hints, Undos and Shuffles. Or watch ads to get them for free.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad

Play solitaire and watch beautiful scenes emerge.

Play a clean, full-featured version of classic solitaire and reveal new piece of beautiful scenes each time you win a game.

Scenic Solitaire is more than just your regular solitaire game. To begin, you pick out one of 20 different colorful landscape drawings. At first you only see the background. But each time you clear all of the cards in the game, a new part of the scene is revealed. To help to win games, you can use hints, undos and even shuffle all of the deck and face-down cards to get unstuck when you have no more moves. See if you can complete all 20 scenes!

The cards are designed to make them easy to see on devices ranging from large iPads to small iPhones. You can move cards by dragging them, tapping once to select and then again to place, or by double-tapping to move them to the most likely spot. You can also use the autoplay function to complete a game when you have all of the cards lines up in the tableau.

Scenic Solitaire Screens

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