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Word Tiles

A single-player word tiles board game.
Word Tiles is a single-player word tiles board game, similar to many others (compare to games like Scrabble or Words With Friends). Since you play against the computer, there's no need to wait for your friends to make a move. Play as fast and as often as you like! While playing you can zoom in or out to adjust the size of the letters on the board. You can flip through a list of all words played and how much each was worth. You can also see how many potential points a move is worth before finishing your turn.

Unlike physical board games, Word Tiles has no limit to the board size. You can the computer can keep adding words to the left, right, top or bottom as long as there are letter tiles remaining.

You can also return to the main menu at any time and adjust the computer's intelligence setting. There are five computer intelligence levels to choose from. When you complete a game, a record of the score is placed in a journal so you can track your progress as you improve.

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Starship Captain: Adventure In Alpha Sector

An epic role-playing strategy game
Starship Captain is an epic role-playing strategy game where you travel from between star systems in search of adventure. You start with a small ship and some money and work to build a fortune and see the universe.
Along the way you can buy and sell cargo, accept missions, mine asteroids, attack and plunder other ships, upgrade your ship, and help others. You can talk to patrons of the spaceport bars to uncover multi-part missions and solve mysteries.

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Word Swipe 2

Find as many words as you can in 120 seconds! Read More...
Word Swipe is a quick-to-play, fun and challenging word game. Find as many words as you can on the 4x4 board in 120 seconds. All of the letters in the words must be connected. Touch and swipe to select a word and then find the next. When the round is over, see which words you missed. Play again to improve your score and see how you are doing on the daily high score board.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Word Swipe 2! You can also still get the original Word Swipe.

Asteroid Billionaire

Mine asteroids and build a fortune!
Try to make your fortune in the exciting new world of asteroid mining! Start with a basic space station and buy a small asteroid to get started. Then upgrade your station and buy larger and more profitable asteroids. Keep going until you are an Asteroid Billionaire!

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Asteroid Billionaire!

Iceberg Ahead!

Pilot a flying submarine past icebergs.
Pilot your flying submarine past icebergs both above and below the water. Jump or dive to avoid the small ones, rise above or fall below the surface of the ocean to avoid the larger ones. See how far you can get in the quick-play arcade/action game.

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Bubble Trouble

Shoot bubbles to clear the screen.
Bubble Trouble by CleverMedia is a quick, challenging arcade game where you shoot bubbles and try to group them together to clear the screen. Work your way up through the levels until the bubbles move too far down.

This version of the classic GameScene game lets you play a set of pre-designed levels, or you can play randomly-generated levels. It keeps track of your best score for each variation.

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Chicken And Eggs

Catch eggs before they hit the ground.
CleverMedia's classic game Chicken and Eggs comes to iOS! One of the Web's most popular games is now even more challenging and addictive when played on the iPhone's touch interface.

The goal is to catch the eggs as they are dropped from the chicken above. See how many you can catch before you drop three and the game ends.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Chicken and Eggs!

Pirate Treasure

Match three pirate coins in a row to add them to your treasure. Read More...
A pirate-themed version of the classic match three genre of games including special bonuses and multiple matches. Pirate Treasure includes four game variations: Pirate Quest, Life at Sea, Swashbuckler and Canon Ball.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Pieces Of Eight!

Home Run Challenge

Take a swing at this quick, fun challenge.
See how many home runs you can hit in this fun baseball simulation. Simply tap on the screen to set your power and swing at the pitch. You can keep hitting home runs until you get ten "outs" -- misses or any hit that isn't a home run. This is a great game for adults and kids. It is especially fun to pass around and see who can get the most home runs.

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Free Games

Play 15 different games all rolled into one app! Read More...
Play 15 free iPhone games from CleverMedia! This app includes 15 free iPhone games including Check Out Line, Brain Strain, Newton's Nightmare, Think Ahead, Deduction, Zig Zag, Haunted Castle and many more.

All games are free to play and will keep track of your best score. These games are all designed to be quick but challenging plays when you have a minute or two to spare. They also good at keeping your mind active.

If you have visited CleverMedia's in the last 10 years you will recognize a lot of these original titles. Instead of creating 15 different apps, we have put these all together in one app to make it easy and convenient.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Free Games!


A clean distraction-free Sudoku with advanced options.
Possibly the cleanest, simplest, most easy-to-use design for a Sudoku iPad app. Instead of distracting backgrounds and bells and whistles, we've tried to re-create the pencil-and-paper feel of doing Sudoku puzzles. But we've also included tons of advanced features to make gameplay easier.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Sudoku!

Hangman Deluxe

Play hangman against your device with tons of options. Read More...
Hangman Deluxe is the ultimate Hangman game! You can play the traditional game by trying to guess a random dictionary word. Or, you can choose several challenging variations: Daily Challenge, Famous Quotations, Topics, News Headlines and Trivia Questions.

In addition, you can create your own list of words. Just type in a list, or copy and paste it from anywhere. You can add one or more words and then hand your device to a friend to have them play.

There are also four difficulty levels, so the game can be challenging to kids and adults. Go to the iTunes App Store to get Hangman Deluxe!

Just Word Search

Play themed, random or custom word search puzzles.
With Just Word Search you can play word search puzzles right on your iPad's screen. Choose from one of more than 150 word lists, use random dictionary words, or create a word list of your own. A new random puzzle will be created each time.

You can adjust the size of the puzzle to make it easier or more difficult. You can also control whether diagonal or backward words appear in the puzzle. Other customizations include letter, background and outline colors. You can play a puzzle to pass the time. Or build a puzzle and have a friend try to find the words.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Just Word Search!

Push Around

Play this challenging puzzle game with 100 levels.
Push Around is a fun and challenging puzzle game for all ages. You move a robot around pushing boxes into position. You can only push them one at a time. You cannot pull or slide boxes, only push them forward.

This simple puzzle mechanic creates very interesting and satisfying levels. The harder ones seem impossible at first until you figure them out.

Push Around is a 3D game and you can rotate the entire puzzle to see it from different angles. There are 100 levels. The first 10 levels teach you how to play. Then there are 2 more challenging levels you can play for free. You can then unlock 88 more levels with an in-app purchase if you like the game.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get PushAround!

Forty Thieves Solitaire

Play this easy and fun solitaire variation.
Forty Thieves is one of the most popular solitaire games played today. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time! Forty Thieves is similar to the solitaire game you are used to, but with simpler rules and more exciting play. You start with two decks of cards and can only move one at a time. As the game progresses, your card stacks get larger until, usually at the last minute, it all comes together and you can move most of them to the foundations above.

This version was created for users of all iOS devices with unique playing cards that reflect an "Arabian Nights" style. The game plays in both horizontal and vertical orientations, and you can switch easily between them as you play.

There is also a high score component, with games costing 104 points to play, and awards of 5 points for each card played to a foundation. Once you have built up your score over time, you can submit it to Game Center and even challenge your friends.

This game also features an Undo function, and the ability to flip the waste pile over at the end of a game to continue playing if you wish.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Forty Thieves Solitaire!

Trivia Game

Test your trivia knowledge.
Want to play a trivia game without complex rules, locked levels or limited game play? Trivia Game by CleverMedia lets you get right to the trivia without all of that nonsense! Start right away answering fun, challenging trivia questions and don't worry about in-app purchases or some overly complex system of coins or tokens.

The game includes more than 10,000 trivia questions from all topics: movies, music, sports, history, science, art, and much more. You simply answer trivia questions to see how many in a row you get right. The faster you answer, the more points you get. If a question is too hard, just wait and one or two incorrect answers will be eliminated for you. Once one game is over, start another one instantly. Or, take a break between questions and continue playing at any time.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Trivia Game!

Championship Solitaire

Smooth solitaire game with high scores.
Championship Solitaire isn't your typical solitaire game. Instead of playing alone, you are competing against the entire world for the best score!

Each game costs 52 points. Each card placed in the foundation stacks scores you 5 points. With each game you play you can build your score higher, or knock it back down.

When you think you have a good enough score to post it, you can submit it to GameCenter.

In addition, Championship Solitaire is a nice-looking solitaire game that gracefully resizes to fit the screen sizes of any iOS device, both horizontally and vertically.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Championship Solitaire!

Just Jigsaw Puzzles

Play jigsaw puzzles on your iPad.
Just Jigsaw Puzzles brings CleverMedia's popular jigsaw puzzle app to the iPad. Lots of options like puzzle size, number of pieces, background, and more.

Check out this Just Jigsaw Puzzles video.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Just Jigsaw Puzzles!

Word Spy

A unique word search game.
CleverMedia brings its classic word game to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! This new version includes the original game plus three game variations.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Word Spy!

Gold Strike

Eliminate blocks to help the miner dig for gold. Read More...
CleverMedia's most popular game of all time has come to the iPhone! This new version of the game features the original Gold Strike, plus the four game variations found in Gold Strike Deluxe.

We also have a FREE version of Gold Strike for you to try!

Check out this Gold Strike video.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Gold Strike!

Something Fishy

Swim and eat, and try not to be eaten in this underwater arcade game. Read More...
It's a fish-eat-fish world in your iPhone! Try to help Walter the fish avoid the bigger fish and eat the smaller ones to help him grow. But look out for the Shark, he's always out to get you.

Something Fishy is one of CleverMedia's original hit games for the Web. Originally produced in 1997, this new iPhone version includes three bonus games staring Walter and his friends.

Something Fishy is a fun, addictive distraction for adults and children alike.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Something Fishy!

Mah Jongg Solitaire

Find pairs of tiles in this classic game.
Play Mah Jongg Solitaire on your iPhone. Find matching tiles and try to clear the board. Choose from different tile sets including classic Canton, Runes, Alchemy and Nile Tiles. Choose from more than 100 different tile layouts.

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Mah Jongg Solitaire!

Free Games 2

Play a collection of 12 free games.
Free Games 2 is a collection of 12 games that you can play on your iPhone or iPod Touch online or offline. They are designed to be quick to play and fun.
Game include: Collapsing Blocks, Match Three, Sudoku, Jigsaw Puzzle, Video Poker, Minesweeper, Reversi and more!

Go to the iTunes App Store to get Free Games 2!

Just Solitaire

Play different solitaire variations for free!
A free collection of solitaire apps from the games at Just Solitaire. There are currently six apps:

  • Klondike
  • Pyramid
  • Forty Thieves
  • Russian
  • Aces Up
  • La Belle Lucie

    Go to the iTunes App Store to get Just Solitaire!
  • Word Spell

    Unscramble the letters to form words and help the wizard. Read More...
    The wizard's library is a mess! All of the titles have disappeared from his spell books. Rearrange the letters to form common words to replace the titles.

    Word Spell is a word puzzle game where you try to form as many words as you can out of six letters. Just tap the letters to try a new word. You are awarded points for words and must reach a point goal to proceed to the next level.

    Word Spell is a fun brain game that will having you playing again and again.

    Go to the iTunes App Store to get Word Spell!

    Rocket Lander: Beyond the Moons of Saturn

    Land the spacecraft before you run out of fuel. Read More...
    Pilot a rocket down to the surface in this game challenging game of skill. By simply controlling the left, right and main engines of a lander, you must safely touch down on a landing pad before you run out of fuel.

    There are 25 levels in the main game, plus two special challenge levels. You can play the main levels in sequence and go for a high score, or practice each level individually.

    Go to the iTunes App Store to get Rocket Lander!

    Peg Solitaire

    Play this classic on 9 different boards.
    The classic brain puzzle comes to the iPhone! Jump one peg over another and see if you can clear the board of all but one.

    You can select from nine different boards. As you move between boards your current positions and best score are maintained.

    Go to the iTunes App Store to get Peg Solitaire!


    Get the latest Mac and iPhone video tutorials.
    MacMost is a Web site and video podcast for Mac, iPhone and iPod users. The app lets you see the latest videos and read the latest articles.

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